Chelsea van Zyl’s work explores temporality and communication between digital and non-digital modes of being. With a variety of process, van Zyl’s work is centered around touch and repetition.  Considering sensory presence as an intimate communications tool and a confirmation of reality through awareness of the body, van Zyl questions the isolated nature of modern socialization through devices, portals or screens and, how reality is distorted in a realm of virtual representations and face value.



BA (Hons) Fine Art – Leeds Arts University 2020



Selected Exhibitions:


Dialect - Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle


End - Mandela Building, Newcastle


Home Theatre - Secret Location, Newcastle


Y Not - Wharf Chambers, Leeds


TWO - Wharf Chambers, Leeds


Mayday - Inkwell Arts, Leeds



Selected Publications:

Suppressant, Issue 1


Body Comparatives


The Yorkshire Evening Post


Content Ready


Virtual Contact




Scottish Sculpture Workshop, Bronze Intensive – 2018 & 2019

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